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History of convolutional neural networks

The use of computers for so-called computer vision (CV) is thought to have become widespread in 2012 when the AlexNet architecture won the ImageNet competition, however, attempts to use machines to recognize shapes in images have existed for decades.

The events of the fifties and sixties of the twentieth century are considered a turning point in the use of computer vision. In 1959, two neuropsychologists, David Hubel and Thorsten Weasle published a paper entitled “Receptive fields of single neurons in the cat’s striate cortex”, in which they concluded that visual processing always starts with simple structures such as oriented edges…

Photo by Franki Chamaki on Unsplash

Convolutional neural networks, like other neural networks, are used for the purpose of classification, but also for the purpose of learning characteristics. With the accelerated development of deep neural networks, but also systems for visual recognition of shapes in the last few years, this type of neural network has gained importance. This series of articles will describe this type of neural network from its origins to the most famous architectures today.

Deep neural networks

Deep Learning is a subset of machine learning, where the use of this term is usually associated with deep artificial neural networks. At the core of deep neural networks…

First steps first

We are going to the PostgreSQL using plain old Ubuntu repositories. This is the easiest and the most convenient way of installation on Ubuntu and its flavors. Step1: Don’t forget to update your repositories:

sudo apt-get update

After that, you are good to go with the installation.
Step2: Install PostgreSQL

sudo apt install postgresql postgresql-contrib

If everything went smooth you should check the status of the installed service, just to be sure it is running:

sudo service postgresql status

If it is not running you can start with the following command:

sudo service postgresql start

Step3: Create a new user

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